Since the beginning of this year, the percentage of the number of keywords not provided, that is, those that are hidden in Google Analytics because the user who performed this search was logged in, increased to values ​​that could reach 40%.

What to do with that 40% of visits of which we do not know what term they have searched for our brand has been the subject of debate during all these months. In this post, some of the different methods are collected to try to approximate the keywords that are hidden behind the (not provided).

What To Do

1.- Google Analytics does not give us the keyword, but if it provides us with the landing page, solely with that, to get SEO done (, which is the term in Thai) should already know approximately what type of keywords are used to reach that landing page.

In the case of wanting to approximate a little more and automate this process, we must resort to Excel.

Having the visits not provided and those of the rest of the keywords with their landing pages and seeing the correspondence between the landing pages of the two types of keywords, we can assign to each keyword their “logged” or not provided visits.

2.- Using Google Webmaster Tools that give us the CTR of the keywords used to access our website, although the Webmaster Tools data is more limited both in its reliability and in that it only offers data of approximately two months.

3.- And finally the simplest of all and surely the one that is closest to real percentages do nothing. If we assume that the distribution of the keywords not provided follows the same distribution as the rest of the keyword, to perform our keyword ranking analysis, brand against non-brand, short, medium and long tail, etc., we can use the percentages that we give Google Analytics excluding all visits from keywords not provided.

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