Among the different marketing strategies on social networks, Social Ads are one of the most outstanding! If you’ve come this far, it’s likely that you already know or even have run the famous ads on social networks like Instagram and Facebook.

What Are Social Ads Tools?

Some Social Ads tools provided by the platforms themselves according to are:

  • Ad Manager (Facebook and Instagram);
  • LinkedIn Ads;
  • YouTube Ads;
  • Twitter Ads.

In them, you can have support in creating your ads and adapting to content formats to reach the target audience.

LinkedIn Ads

The platform is on the rise and attracts more and more users, being great for networking and for promoting B2B products and services.

Main Advantages Of Advertising On LinkedIn Ads

  • Return on investment: LinkedIn is still not the ad investment preference for many brands, so this becomes an advantage for those starting to invest in it, as the reach is greater at a lower cost due to intense competition;
  • Targeting: We’ve already talked about targeting from Facebook and Instagram, but on LinkedIn, targeting can be done in a very different way. Users need to post their job titles on the network and often provide background, skill descriptions, and other relevant information for those who will advertise on the web. For a B2B business, this is very advantageous, as it allows direct placement to decision-makers of a company, for example;
  • Exclusive resources for capturing leads: LinkedIn has robust support for those who want to do business through the network, helping many brands that operate in the B2B model. The network has the LinkedIn Sales Navigator platform, which significantly facilitates communication and sales for users.

To create and run ads on the network, you must use LinkedIn Campaign Manager and have a corporate page on the web.

The Types Of Ads Provided By The Network

  • Sponsored Content: This allows displaying ads in the LinkedIn feed, representing the most significant user interaction and broad reach. This is one of the most common types of advertisements on the net as it has a solid power to generate qualified leads.
  • Dynamic Ads: ads that can be customized according to the user’s profile;
  • Text Ads: simple text ads, which are displayed on the side of the platform and other places where the network advertises;
  • Sponsored InMail: A sponsored private message that can be sent to a certain number of users.