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When creating new PDF files with PDFCreator, several documents can also be merged. In this practical tip you can read exactly how to proceed.

The PDFCreator installs a new virtual printer on your PC, with which you can create new PDF files from almost any application. It is not possible to connect existing PDF files directly with PDFCreator, but you can merge several PDF documents by creating a new file:

  1. Open the first document in a suitable application such as Adobe Reader.
  2. Start the application’s print function.
  3. In the printer dialog select “PDFCreator” as the printer to be used and press the print button.
  4. Select the “Merge” function in the PDFCreator window. This opens a list in which the new print job is noted.
  5. Leave the Manage Print Jobs window open. Print further files via the virtual printer of the PDFCreator in order to add them to the print jobs as well.
  6. If you want, you can now change the order of the print jobs using the arrow buttons and remove unwanted documents.
  7. Click “Combine All” to combine all documents into a single print job. With “Continue” you return to the main window of PDFCreator.
  8. Make the settings you want and choose Save to create the new document.

If you prefer a web app to merge PDFs, we recommend the AnyPDF online tool as an alternative.