What is the future for Industry 4.0 in the post Covid-19 paradigm ...

In relation to the leading technologies of this fourth industrial revolution, they are grouped into nine and their impact on construction 4.0 is summarized below:

  • Robotics: The automation of construction processes with industrial robot will bring new robotic equipment that will reduce accident rates and substantially improve productivity in Construction 4.0.
  • Internet Of Things: The sensorization of the works in their different phases makes available a multitude of information that can be used, properly treated, for decision-making on site, or in the business.
  • Big Data: The new massive data processing techniques solve the existing potential in taking advantage of the enormous amount of data that a work generates.
  • Cloud Computing: The immense computing resources that the cloud currently offers give the opportunity to have information processed in real time and anywhere in the world.
  • Virtual And Augmented Reality: Immersive technologies offer visual resources that will facilitate decision-making on site and the sharing of information among relocated professionals.
  • Simulation: The emergence of BIM centralizes the information of the works and provides a common and accepted framework for all actors for virtualization and the simulation of various scenarios for decision-making.
  • Cybersecurity: The arrival of ‘blockchain’ technology enables the creation of new business models based on the value of things and construction 4.0 can apply this technology, among others, in the development of new forms of relationship with the public administration or for new financing models for works.
  • 3d Print: With the advent of construction materials printers, new opportunities arise related to customization, on-site manufacturing, and productivity and response time.
  • Vertical And Horizontal Integration: The digital transformation of the business improves its integration, both at the supply chain level and at the product level.

On their own, these nine technologies have a profound transformative power in the construction industry, however, the true potential lies in the aggregation of several of them for a common goal. In this regard, the real revolution will come with the aggregation of IoT, cloud computing, and Big Data. This technological triumvirate, along with robotics, will be responsible for the true digital transformation of the construction sector to Construction 4.0, and with it will come disruption to business models and ways of doing things on site.

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