How to streamline plastic injection mold qualification and process val |

Plastic injection molding took the molding industry by storm and captures the most manufacturing needs for companies. Its USP lies in generating the final product or molds in one go that does not require any finishing or second stage of production. Just upload the design and the plastic injection molding generates the final product in minutes. Here are a few advantages of plastic injection molding over other molding methods.


Fine attention to details

Injection molding involves inflicting heavy pressure onto the molds. As they are pushed harder, even the minutest details in design like ridges, grooved or small contraptions are printed with marginal error. The injection molds can bear heavy pressure and thus are ideal for building components and parts that are super complex in design.


Efficient molding method

Plastic injection molding has a lot of pre-production planning and design tweaks before entering the production stage. After that, it doesn’t take long to manufacture products and designs and the accuracy is still top-notch with the final product. Plastic injection molding has a high production output rate that can help many companies meet their raw material or finished product goal faster. 


Increased strength

Plastic injection molding is among the few manufacturing process that supports filler addition. Fillers lend rigidity to the design as they reduce the percentage of plastic in the mold. Thus, you can obtain more long-lasting parts and products by combining fillers with injection molding.


Supports multiple plastic types and combinations

Plastic injection molding is a ubiquitous manufacturing process that can be done by combining different plastic elements. Co-injection molding supports different combinations of plastic and even allows you to produce parts with specific color schemes rather than the bland grey or black ones.



Plastic injection molding requires supervision but minimal human intervention. Once a plastic injection molding machine is set up, it just needs a supervisor whose services aren’t required at all times. Since most of the molding work is done by machines, labor costs are reduced significantly. That amount can be used to ramp up production units or invest in other necessary upgrades. Reduced manufacturing costs mean a brand can price the part competitively and gain more revenue from the batch.


Plastic injection molding is among the most profitable manufacturing process. It should be the priority of any business that wants customized plastic designs with utmost precision using CAD/CAM. Plastic Injection molding will save your money and time and there’s no reason for going for any other manufacturing techniques.