Follow these 5 basic rules and get perfect pictures everytime with your  smartphone

Photographing weddings is serious. You can’t take pictures of newlyweds if you are unprepared. That is a milestone in the story of two people, and they expect the photographer to reflect the entire emotional charge of that moment. Download editing apps like in for better result of the pictures.

  1. Don’t Miss The Basics

Marriage is the first of the most critical moments in the lives of two people. The value of this event for the family that is starting there is immense and priceless! And it only happens once. Therefore, you cannot afford to lose a photo because the exposure was wrong and the light was blown out, or because the speed was too low and the image came out all shaky.

Have the basics in you: exposure, focus, composition. If you still get it wrong, start studying and training more for yesterday!

  1. Know The Location

Nowadays, it is no longer just married in churches. Ceremonies range from beaches to mountains and farms! And even between one church and another, the scenario can vary a lot, such as a wedding in a cathedral and another in a chapel, for example.

The conditions of space, lighting, and even climatic conditions of these locations will vary greatly. Know in advance the place where you are going to photograph to take the appropriate equipment and use it.

However, you must know how the lighting of the places where the event’s moments will be held behaves; this is a golden tip. Before continuing to read this post, I recommend that you watch the video below; it has several complementary tips for this article:

  1. Decorate The Order Of The Ceremony

The ceremonialist must be your best friend. The photographer has to know what will happen in each instance to prepare herself and not miss any critical moment.

Talk to her and the bride and groom in advance. If you can, come to the rehearsal! What you cannot do, under any circumstances, is to get there without being inside the script. Only then do you guarantee that you will be prepared not to miss anything?