Are you looking for a unique, practical and affordable gift idea? Consider a personalized mousepad! Customized with photos, designs or text, custom mousepads make thoughtful presents for friends, family, coworkers, clients – anyone who uses a computer. Here’s why personalized mousepads are the perfect gift for any occasion.

  • Everyone with a computer uses a mousepad 
  • Protects desk surfaces from scratches and wear
  • Provides a smooth, consistent surface for mouse tracking
  • Used daily so your gift will be appreciated often

Unlike generic gifts that may end up in a closet and forgotten, a mousepad is a practical item the recipient will use regularly. It serves an essential purpose in protecting their desk and providing an optimal surface for their computer mouse. Your personalized mousepad gift will be a daily reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Customizable for any occasion 

  • Birthdays
  • Holidays 
  • Graduations
  • Weddings 
  • Anniversaries
  • Retirements
  • Client/employee appreciation  

No matter the occasion, you create a mousepad with a personal touch. For birthdays, use a favourite photo of the birthday girl or boy. A collage mousepad with pictures from throughout the years makes a perfect graduation gift. Celebrate a wedding or anniversary with the happy couple’s photos and monogram.


  • Very affordable, especially in bulk quantities
  • Look for online discounts and promotions 
  • Low-cost shipping options are usually available  
  • Fit any gift budget, from $10-$30

Personalized mousepads are very economical, with prices starting around $10 each. They’re great if you buy for a group like wedding party gifts or employee appreciation presents since many retailers offer bulk discounts. Factor in typically low shipping costs and using a coupon code or taking advantage of a sale, and custom mouse pad are a very budget-friendly gift option.

Compact and portable

  • Fit easily in luggage for destination events
  • Lightweight for inexpensive shipping/transport  
  • Slim profile for wrapping and gift boxes
  • Take up minimal storage space 

The slim, compact shape of mousepads makes them convenient to transport, ship and store. Slip a stack in your luggage for destination weddings, conferences or family gatherings without taking up much space. This also makes them easy and inexpensive to ship directly to recipients. From a gifting perspective, their flat profile is a breeze to gift wrap or fits nicely in gift bags and boxes. After the occasion, personalized mousepads take up minimal storage space.

Fun to give and receive

  • The excitement of a personalized gift
  • Unique and memorable 
  • Conversation starter at home or office
  • Shows you put thought into the gift

Half the fun of a personalized gift is the thought behind it and the excitement of the recipient opening something unique created just for them. Custom mousepads have that special personal touch you don’t get with generic, store-bought gifts. It shows you put real thought and effort into your present. A mousepad personalized with photos, inside jokes or company branding is also a great conversation starter at home and the office.

Perfect for remote workers and learners

  • Functional home office accessory
  • Personalize with motivational messages
  • Reminder of friends and family while working remotely  
  • Company-branded mousepads for remote employee gifts

With more people than ever working and learning from home, personalized mousepads are an especially timely gift idea. They’re a practical and functional accessory for home office setups. Customize with motivational quotes to boost productivity or photos of friends and family as a cheerful reminder of loved ones throughout the work day. For companies with remote employees, send branded mousepads as an appreciation gift and to foster a sense of connection.