Unlike the lottery, which relies purely on luck, it is a game where you can analyze the game according to your ability and get a dividend if you guess the result. It is legal gambling practiced by the state. However, the odds are very salty, so 50% is eaten by the 토토사이트 . Target games include soccer basketball baseball and golf. There are various ways to play at the Sports 토토사이트  such as guessing the win/loss game and guessing the live score of the second half. As with horse racing and bicycle racing, you can bet from 100 won. As with other lotteries, purchases by youth under the age of 19 (born in 2001 or older) and betting over 100,000 won are restricted.

토토사이트  has recorded annual sales of KRW 4 trillion as of 2016. It is almost 10 times the proportion of the population. Considering that both countries invest about half of their profits in sports promotion. There are also voices calling for investment in sports for the lives of 50 million people without worrying only about nationalism. In fact, the compensation for

Legal Sports 토토사이트  has a virtuous cycle structure in which a significant portion of the proceeds is reinvested back in the relevant stock. Each club will receive a distribution, and the entire amount will be used for the soccer youth business. Of course, all of these are legal 토토사이트  cases, and private 토토사이트  cases are all black money, and if caught, you will be punished as illegal gambling.

It is also an expression used to discredit a player or manager when a play or operation instruction that cannot be understood is given in a professional sports game. The main usage is “Are you twat?” It is also used when the referee makes an absurd decision. “Check the referee’s pocket for 토토사이트  paper!”, “Do not 토토사이트  the referee!”


It is also an expression that makes fun of a certain pro gamer and is also used to tease a specific pro gamer after that. Tosae or Tutorial.

Occasionally, there are people who ask if there is a 토토사이트  for e-sports, but in overseas countries, e-sports is not recognized as an official sport in Korea. There is also a private 토토사이트 , but this is an illegal act that can be punished according to Article 26 of the National Sports Promotion Act.

In 2018, in addition to baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and golf, it was decided that Go would be added to the Sports 토토사이트 .

In the past, Going has been a highly gambling sport. So, in the past, there have been opinions of “Isn’t it better to introduce the Sports 토토사이트 ?” Accordingly, there was an opinion that a huge amount of money would come if the Sports 토토사이트  was introduced into Go, so a public hearing was actually held. Whether or not to do so has not yet been officially announced, and there is controversy. In 2013, it just seems to be fading away. The biggest problem with the Sports 토토사이트  was that it was too easy to control the match.


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