Using one simple dashboard, the Amazon research tool Jungle Scout enables you to track competitors, analyze keywords, forecast sales, and uncover winning products. In essence, it rapidly identifies the goods that will bring in the greatest money and make expanding your business the simplest. You can also learn about junglescout vs helium 10.

Why Jungle Scout Is Important?

Despite popular belief, commerce existed even in the prehistoric period known as pre-JungleScout. Amazon nerds like me back then had to painstakingly research everything by looking for products, examining competitors, and building libraries of spreadsheets with the scant data we had access to, in addition to battling for food and space with enormous reptiles.

Jungle Scout completes the task for you instantaneously, saving you the time and effort of relying solely on your intuition. Additionally, product research is the single most crucial element for success, and the level of competition is rising daily. No matter how smart you are, you will fail if you choose a subpar product. These days, the competition is crazy.

Know about Jungle Scout Features

The main use of Jungle Scout is to save you time now while preparing you for success later on.

  • Niche Hunter

Niche Hunter allows you to locate lucrative niche concepts, goods, and keywords based on criteria like:

  • Product Category is very important.
  • A score of 1 often indicates a low review count and a high likelihood of appearing on page 1. Competition range from 1 to 10, with 1 being the least competitive and 10 represents gadget accessories.
  • Listing Quality Score Amazon SEO exists, and there is a particular method.


  • Product Tracker

You can view a product’s complete sales history with Product Tracker. It immediately displays the average price, rating, fees, weight, search volume, and sales trends for this yoga mat. Simply enter the product into Product Tracker to obtain a thorough understanding of its past and determine whether it has what it takes to become the next great thing. You’ll receive Best Seller Rank, Price, Sold Units, Stock Inventory, reviews, and a tonne more information.

  • Product Database

Over 70 million items from the Amazon catalogue are available in Jungle Scout’s product database.


The pre-set filters are its best feature because they provide you with immediate inspiration. When faced with a list of 70 million products, analysis paralysis is simple to develop. You can select the most typical criterion using the filters. In reality, a large number of rookie Amazon FBA business owners ignore the product database. Don’t belong to this group. There is a tonne of useful information provided here, including a profit calculator (fees included), global markets, and product rankings.

  • Keyword Scout

Researching Amazon keywords is essential to your success. You want to confirm that customers are looking for your product, and you also want to confirm that your listings are tailored to these search terms. Finding the ideal keywords used to be more of a trial-and-error procedure before more sophisticated KW tools. All you did was conduct some simple research, run some advertisements, create some content, and cross your fingers.



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