Every blogger wants to attract as much traffic as possible. But most of the people do not know that users’ engagement is more important than the traffic. In fact, huge traffic can have negative impact on your blog if users are not spending much time on it. That’s why, instead of focusing on traffic, you must focus on increasing users’ engagement in your content.

How huge traffic can cause negative effects for you

Google has an algorithm RankBrain that scans how much time people are spending on your webpage. If a lot of people are coming to your site and leaving in less than 10 seconds, RankBrain will flag your content as uninteresting and irrelevant to users. Hence, you will lose your rank in search engine rankings and drop down. On the other hand, if less people are visiting your webpage but spending an average time of about 2-3 minutes, RankBrain will treat your content as relevant and useful and you will reach to the top spot quickly.

The proven methods to increase users’ engagement in your content

You must follow these steps to make sure that searchers are spending more time on your blog:

  • Make your content readable. Use large fonts and break your content into smaller sentences.
  • Create content that provides some value to your visitors. It must contain valuable information.
  • Use power words and phrases to make visitors emotional and stay hooked to your content. For instance, instead of saying ‘5 methods to increase your sales’, say- ‘5 secret ninja techniques to increase your sales by 200% today’.

You can also take help from experts

It is a good idea to take help from an expert if you are just starting out. For the purpose of seo thailand can provide you with a lot of good experts. You can contact them and pick the one that you think will be best for your business.

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