Designing a website is a lot of hard work. From understanding the requirements of the site owner to offering design options, creating a site, incorporating every minute detail, and getting it approved, the entire process can take anywhere between a week to a month depending on the project. As a web designer, finding clients that are clear about their expectations from the site and creating a unique website every time can be stressful. Also, with each project taking weeks to complete, boosting income becomes a challenge due to the dearth of time. The good news is, you can start a website hosting business as a Hosting Reseller and boost your income over time.

Today, we will talk about Hosting Resellers and share five reasons that make Reseller Hosting a practical choice for web designers like you.

1. A more comprehensive basket of services

When a business decides to launch a website, it needs a web designer, a content specialist, an SEO specialist, and a web hosting service, among other things. In today’s times, there are specialists available for each of these services. While this can ensure high quality of work delivered, it boils down to the site owner coordinating with multiple service providers that can be hassling and time-consuming. If you add web hosting services to your web design business, then you can offer a more comprehensive basket of services to your clients, improving your chances of finding newer clients.

2. Edge over your competitors

The web design business is highly competitive. Also, with DIY templates and drag-and-drop builders, the specialised skill of web designing is slowly losing its relevance, and web designers are finding it increasingly difficult to sustain profits. By adding quality web hosting services, you can gain an edge over your competitors and attract more clients.

3. Cross-selling opportunities to boost business

Since you are in the web design business, you can pitch web hosting services to your designing clients and create an additional stream of income. Additionally, you can seek web hosting clients and pitch your web design services to them to revamp their websites. It allows you to run two mutually dependent businesses in tandem and cross-sell your services.

4. Minimal cost to enter the business

When you launch a Reseller Hosting business, you purchase hosting resources from a parent hosting company, create smaller hosting plans, and sell them to your clients. While starting a web hosting business requires investing in costly infrastructure and manpower to manage it, as a Hosting Reseller, the investment is negligible. All you have to do is purchase the best Reseller Hosting plan for web designers. A basic Reseller Hosting plan costs around $15-$40 per month. This is minimal, considering the revenue that you can generate by selling web hosting packages.

5. Option to boost regular income

Web hosting is a recurring service. Most hosting plans are designed with a monthly/annual price plan. Also, if the site owners are happy with the hosting services, they tend to stick with the hosting provider since a lot depends on the quality of web hosting. Once you have a set of clients who are happy and satisfied with your services, you can be assured of a regular stream of income over and above your web designing business revenue. If you plan it right, Reseller Hosting can be a profitable venture.

Summing Up

As a web designer, starting a Reseller Web Hosting business is not just practical but also a profit-making decision. In the competitive landscape of web designers, having the edge over the competition can usually be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful business. If you are running out of ideas for boosting your income in your web design business, then maybe you should consider starting a Web Hosting Reseller business along with it.

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