Majority of the website owners want their websites to rank on the first search engine results page (SERP). And who is to blame them when the top-ranking websites get the most clicks and views while the lower-ranking ones often fail to see any web visitors. 

One way of getting your website to appear among the top search results is SEO or search engine optimization. SEO optimizes a website to rank organically (or naturally) for relevant keywords, thus helping it gain much-needed visibility in the internet world. 

SEO online marketing techniques not only rank your website, but they help it appear for interested visitors who are more inclined towards buying what the website sells. Moreover, it makes your website repeatedly appear for the relevant searches, therefore advertising it to your target audience and building your authority in the search engine space. 

But, like everything else, SEO comes with its drawbacks which often render it valueless for some people. 

Ranking organically through SEO requires lots of investments, efforts, and luck. And depending on your niche, you may not see positive results from SEO. 

Even if your SEO strategy is likely to generate good results, it will take a lot of time because SEO is a time-intensive process that takes months of continuous efforts to yield noticeable results. 

Moreover, no matter the amount of time or resources you invest in SEO to get your website to rank at the top, your website may always remain at risk of losing this rank with any of Google’s rank-sinking search algorithm updates. 

So, is SEO worth the money? You can consult any competent SEO internet marketing servicesprovider, and they might be able to help you figure out if you have a chance of ranking through SEO or are better off going the paid route. 

Landau Consulting, a New Jersey SEO company, offers consulting in internet marketing and SEO services and has created this infographic discussing the pros and cons of SEO so you can see if it is worth your investment.

Why SEO? Why NOT SEO? Infographic