4 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers: 2022 Update
If you’re looking to boost your business on Instagram, you may be tempted to buy followers. After all, it seems like an easy way to get more eyes on your account and increase your reach. Still, there are a few facts that you should be aware of before planning. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of buying Instagram followers and give you some tips on how to get more followers organically.

While buying followers may seem like an easy way to increase your reach, there are a few things you should consider before making this decision. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of purchasing Instagram followers:



As soon as you buy followers, you will see an instant surge in the number of followers. It can be a way to jumpstart your account if you’re just starting. Benefits like these can help you attract organic followers. Buying followers can also help you get on the Explore page more often, which can expose your account to even more people. By having more followers, you’ll appear more popular and credible to potential new followers. 



You get low-quality followers. Many are not real people. They are often bots or inactive accounts. This can hurt your engagement rates. This means that they’re less likely to interact with your content or purchase your products/services. Also, you run the risk of getting banned by Instagram.

If Instagram detects that you’ve bought followers, they may delete your account. They look at the ratio of engagement (likes, comments, views) to followers. If you have a high number of followers but low engagement, it’s a red flag. Moreover, it’s not sustainable. You will need to continuously buy followers to maintain your numbers. This can become expensive over time and is not a sustainable growth strategy. Buying followers is usually not worth the money. You’re better off spending your time and money on other marketing initiatives that will help grow your business. 

Tips To Consider Before Buying Followers


Now that you know the pros and cons, here are a few tips to consider before you buy Instagram followers

  • Think about your goals. Are you looking to increase your reach or engagement? If you’re only interested in numbers, buying followers may not be the best option.
  • Consider your budget. Buying followers can be expensive. Think about how much you’re willing to spend on this marketing initiative. 
  • Do some research. There are a lot of companies out there selling followers. Ensure that you select a trustworthy one with good reviews.

Now that you know the pros and cons of buying Instagram followers, we hope you’ll take the time to consider all your options before deciding. Buying followers may seem like an easy way to grow your account, but it’s not always the best option. 

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