This is the question that a normal person asks himself just before he starts looking for information about ELO Boosting, so you have probably been looking for prices on 50 different websites, and you already know more or less how much you get.

However, before hiring, I must explain everything you are paying when hiring an elo boost.

What is usually thought when hiring ELO boost is that we are paying a guy who is better than us to play with our account and get us out of ELO hell.

Nothing Is Further From Reality

People who give this ELO boost service, take it as a job just like the That is, this is another source of income for them; it is a business and businesses have to earn money (They are not an NGO).

The costs associated with hiring an ELO booster that is hosted on a website are all these:

The face of the website:

  • Marketing
  • Hosting
  • Web maintenance
  • Administration
  • Elo Booster Verification
  • Facing the elo booster
  • Knowledge
  • Dedicated time
  • Account security

Now you can see why an ELO Professional Boost may seem so expensive in some places and so cheap in others. It depends largely on the work behind the people involved.

It is a business, and as such, it must generate profits. If it didn’t generate benefits, it wouldn’t be there.

If you hire elo boosting, for example, to have a division uploaded, and after they have done it, you look for the games. You specify them and stop to analyze them to check all the details that the professional performs in your ELO, and based on that you start practising these actions, you will improve a lot as a player.

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