A cyber- attack is a malicious attempt by an organization or an individual to breach the security system of others. In such cases an attacker attempts some type of benefit from the network of the other person. Cyber- attack is somewhat of an everyday occurrence. As per experts there are a couple of companies, one those who have been hacked and the other who is not aware that they have been hacked. An alarming trend is that the incidence of such type of attacks has increased manifold in the last few years

New Eurocontrol Data Shows Airlines Increasingly Becoming Targets for Cyber Attacks - Aviation Today

The common types of cyber attacks are as follows


It works out to be a term for describing malicious software which includes worms, viruses and spyware. This would breach a security through a vulnerability more so when a user would click an email attachment or a dangerous link which would go on to install a risky software. The moment I is inside a system a malware may commit the following

  • It is going to block the key components of a network
  • Would install malware or an additional form of software
  • Information is obtained once you transfer data from a hard drive
  • Is going to disrupt certain components and makes the system operational


Turns out to be a practice of sending out fraudulent information which is going to emerge from a reputed source. It is normally done with the aid of an email. The objective is to steal sensitive information like a credit card or log in information. it is going to install the malware on the machine of an individual. This works out to be a common type of cyber- threat.

Man in the middle attack

Is also known by the name of an eavesdropping attack and it takes place when an attacker would be installing into a two way transaction attack system. The moment an attacker interrupts the system they can filter or steal data. A couple of forms of such type of attacks are

  • When it is an unsecure Wi- FI an attacker may install themselves between a device and a network. Even without knowing a hacker would pass on all the information to an attacker.
  • The moment a malware has gone on to breach a device, an attacker would install software that enables to process all the information of an attacker.

SQL injection

It is referred to as structured query language which would be occurring when an attacker goes on to install a malicious code into a server which uses SQL . This is going to force a server to reveal information which they may not do otherwise. An attacker would be carrying out an SQL injection where they would be submitting a malicious code on to the device.

Zero day exploit

It tends to arise after a network vulnerability has gone on to take place but this is much before a patch is implemented. An attacker would tap on to the disclosed vulnerability at this juncture.

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